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Which Google Analytics Visualization Compares Report Data to the Website Average?


Unveiling Website Performance with Google Analytics' Comparison View

Ever questioned how your website’s one of a kind sections or traffic assets stack up in opposition to the general average? Sure, numbers tell a tale, but every so often a visible illustration makes it a good deal clearer. This is in which Google Analytics Comparison View is available in, your secret weapon for information how your internet site performs in particular areas in comparison to the internet site as an entire.

Why Compare to the Website Average? 

Imagine you run a web apparel shop. You know your website receives a first rate quantity of visitors, however how do individual product pages fare? Are some sections, like attire, attracting more site visitors than others, like jeans? The Comparison View allows you solution those questions through highlighting which pages outperform (or underperform) the internet site average in phrases of metrics like sessions, leap price, or conversion price.

Unveiling the Comparison View:

The Comparison View resides inside most general reviews in Google Analytics. Let’s use the “Acquisition” document as an example: 


  • Navigate: Go to Acquisition within the left sidebar. 
  • Choose a Report: Select any file within Acquisition, like “All Traffic” or “Channels“. 
  • Activate Comparison View: Click the little bar chart icon at the top proper corner (next to the date variety). 

Voila! Your record transforms, displaying a bar chart in which each bar represents a selected traffic supply (e.G., Organic Search, Paid Search) along a dotted line indicating the internet site average for that metric. Now you can see at a glance which channels deliver in extra visitors (or higher conversion costs) as compared to the overall website performance. 

Bonus Tip: You can compare as much as 4 different segments simultaneously inside the Comparison View!

Illustration Time! 

Let’s visualize the strength of Comparison View: 

Imagine your internet site common consultation period is two minutes. 

1. Blog Section: The weblog phase shows a bar at 3 mins, indicating users on common spend extra time reading weblog posts in comparison to the internet site average. 


2. Product Pages: Product pages display a bar at 1.5 mins, revealing users spend much less time browsing products compared to the website common. 


This quick contrast facilitates you discover areas for improvement. Perhaps the blog content is more attractive, or product pages need better visuals and outlines to preserve users interested.

Unique Question:

Can I examine custom segments with the internet site common? 

Absolutely! The Comparison View allows you to create custom segments (like customers from a specific place) and evaluate their conduct in opposition to the internet site common. This lets you examine how distinctive user groups interact with your website.

Beyond the Basics: Transaction Talk 

The Comparison View is not confined to primary visitors metrics. You can leverage it for e-trade transactions as properly. Imagine you compare “Transactions via Product Category” inside the Comparison View. This famous which product classes have a better transaction charge compared to the website common, supporting you identify your nice-selling products and optimize your advertising approach accordingly. 


Remember:  Don’t simply examine the highs and lows. Analyze the motives at the back of them. Are excessive-acting sections visually appealing? Do they’ve clear calls to motion? Use those insights to improve underperforming regions and improve ordinary website effectiveness. 

By wielding the Comparison View efficaciously, you could transform website facts into actionable insights, in the end main to a more a hit online presence.


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