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Ghost Hunter Game With Free Source Code

Ghost Hunter Game WIth Free Source Code

Hunter Game is an immersive web-based interactive adventure that harmoniously wields HTML for content structure and CSS for captivating styling, crafting an exhilarating gaming ambiance. Players embark on a mission to track down virtual ghosts within a eerie digital realm. HTML lays the foundation, dictating structure and layout, while CSS breathes life into the game with eye-catching graphics, animations, and a chilling aesthetic. This synergy immerses players in a suspenseful ghost-hunting journey, illustrating the inventive potential of HTML and CSS in both web design and gaming.


On the dashboard, you’ll see a place to enter your name. This is where you can put in your player name before starting the game. Once you’ve entered your name, you’ll be ready to dive into the ghost-hunting action.

ghost hunter game with free source code

Main Menu:

Once your name is entered, you’ll see the main menu. Here, you’ll find three options to choose from: play the game, see the scoreboard, or get help. Take your pick and get ready for some ghostly fun!

ghost hunter game with free source code


When you choose to play the game, get ready to hunt some ghosts! You’ll be thrown into the game world where ghosts randomly appear on the screen. Your mission? Click on as many ghosts as you can within the one-minute time limit. Stay focused and see how high you can score!

ghost hunter game with free source code


After the game ends, your score will be displayed on the scoreboard. Here, you can see how well you did compared to other ghost hunters. Take pride in your score or use it as motivation to beat your own record in the next round.

ghost hunter game with free source code

Play Again or Main Menu:

Once you’ve checked your score, you’ll have the option to play again or return to the main menu. If you’re up for another round of ghost hunting, hit “play again.” If you want to take a break or try out a different option, head back to the main menu. It’s all up to you!

Installation Process:

  • Extract the zip file.
  • Find and locate the file “index.html”.
  • Open the file in a web browser.

This Game utilized the Html Css and JavaScript language. I trust that this system aligns with your needs. For additional updates and tutorials, please visit this website. Happy coding!

This project is created with JavaScript and accompanied by free source code, is available for download. Simply click the download button below.

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